current exhibitions

- 20 October 2019 / PLAY room, Zaandam, Holland

- 31 October 2019, The 20 Commandments, Kunsthal Vejle

upcoming exhibitions

24 - 27 October 2019 / 100% Female, Alkmaar, Holland

24 - 26 January 2020 / Art Herning represented by Bredgade Kunsthandel

21 - 27 March 2020 / PRO, Helligåndshuset, Copenhagen

2020 / Efter-billeder, SAK Kunstbygning, Svendborg. Supported by The Danish Arts Foundation

2021 / Efter-billeder, JANUS Vestjyllands Kunstmuseum. Supported by The Danish Arts Foundation


Dansk - august 2019
Dansk - september 2019
English - april 2019
English - september 2019

teaser exhibition for 100% vrouw
play room, zaandam, Holland
27 sep - 20 oct 2019

A teaser of the large, international all-female exhibition '100% VROUW'.

From 24 to 27 October the Dutch foundation White Cube is organizing an exhibition with 100 female artists in the Big Church of Alkmaar (35km North of Amsterdam). At PLAY room a teaser will be shown before this big exhibition, to get in the mood.

An international exhibition that shows unique images of women. Who withdraw from existing gender typing and transcend the traditional male-female role. This results in the portrait of a versatile woman. A woman with different faces, character traits who rightly claim her equality. The initiator of the exhibition is Jeroen van Paassen, founder of the White Cube foundation and curator of, among others, PLAY room.

Jeroen van Paassen says about the concept: "In the past 10 years I have met many female artists while organizing international exhibitions. I have been impressed by their strength, militancy and creativity. It is admirable how these women manage to evade the position in which they are forced by their environment. And above all inspiring.”

The exhibition is also interesting for men and children.

Artists: Marina Abramoviç, Amira Al-Sharif, Zen van Bommel, Tracey Emin, Kristin Farr, Evelien de Jong, KASHING, Jonna Pedersen, Iris Perez Romero, Zoe Simon, Kate Studley and Gea van der Zaag.

Opening: 27 September from 6-9 pm

Live performance by Zoe Simon: 20 October at 3 pm

Exhibition period: 27 September - 20 October 2019

Open: Friday to Sunday 1- 6 pm

PLAY room
Westzijde 99
1506 GA Zaandam, Holland


100% vrouw
Global village grote kerk, alkmaar, Holland 24-27 october 2019

Summer exhibition 2019
Bredgade Kunsthandel

Artists: Awang Behartawan, Anders Bendixen, Agnete Brinch, Patricia Brøndum, Faire, Pipaluk Lake, Henrik Martensen and Jonna Pedersen.

Jonna Pedersen exhibits new paintings and 3D textile phones from the series [ Fone ].

Opening: 17 August from 12 - 4 pm

Exhibition period: 17 August – 14 September 2019

Bredgade 69 / DK-1260 Copenhagen K

Open: Tuesday to Friday 1-6 pm / Saturday 1-3 pm

the 20 commandments
Kunsthal vejle
3 august - 31 october 2019

Jonna Pedersen is behind the first solo exhibition to be shown at Kunsthal Vejle. The exhibition site, which opened in 2018, is a showcase for Danish and international contemporary art, largely for conceptual art. This unique exhibition site is a double grocery vending machine from the 50's, with 20 rooms, hung at the railway station in Vejle.

The art work "The 20 Commandments", which was created specifically for this site, is the artist's interpretation of the Mosaic Law's 10 commandments as well as the artist's own bid for 10 contemporary injunctions and prohibitions.

The Bible's ten religious and moral imperatives have been used as building blocks of Danish law and social morality and have contributed to the convention that we as human beings should behave decently and properly, and live by a code of ethics. The artist has added 10 current injunctions and prohibitions, which she experiences we are subject to in today's society where the convention is more about living longer and better.

"The 20 Commandments" is an update of our common rules of life. The work reminds us of the influence of Christianity on our shared values and at the same time questions what values we have in common today and what rules of living are most important.

Opening: 3 August at 11 am / Opening speech by MP Birgitte Vind

Conversation salon: 24 August at 11 am. Dean Dorte Volck Paulsen and artist Jonna Pedersen talk about christianity, art and commandments.

Exhibition period: 3 August - 31 October 2019

Banegårdspladsen 6, Vejle / At the entrance of Visit Vejle
Open: 24/7

The exhibition is supported by the Visual Arts Council Vejle Municipality, trekantområdets festuge and Visit Vejle.

Vejle Amts Folkeblad
Recommendation of exhibition by Billedkunstnernes Forbund
Ugeavisen Vejle

hommage to Henry Heerup
Heerup Museum summer exhibition
25 June - 1 Sep 2019

Until September 1, Jonna Pedersen's new work “Coffee Joy. Homage to Heerup ” is exhibited in the Vognporten at the Heerup Museum.

The work is part of an exhibition with other contemporary artists' works on Henry Heerup, including Frodo Mikkelsen, René Holm and Morten Hemmingsen as well as a number of Heerup's lithographs.


30 June - 11 AUGUST 2019

The works in the exhibition "Taffel" are included in Jonna Pedersen's series of works "Burning Love". Here she has examined Danish food culture based on everyday dishes and cakes, and transformed our cultural history so that we meet our cultural heritage again.

The focal point of her artistic study has been traditions, humor and sensuality. Several cakes and dishes were invented in Denmark and are strongly rooted in Danish culture. The food in the motifs is all prepared, after which she has eaten a portion and finally arranged a portion to take in the studio. Pedersen has used the portion as "model" in the studio and has served as a source of inspiration for each painting.

The exhibition also includes a table installation with candelabra and white tablecloth. Each envelope is served with a "collage dish", and the service and chairs originate from Hesede Hovedgård, forming the framework for a meeting between the art and the history of the place.

At the exhibition Pedersen also shows 12 new drawings. See the works here

Opening: 30 June from 12-4 pm

Artist Talk: 11 August 11 at 14 pm

Hesede Hovedgård 1 / DK-4690 Haslev
Open: Every weekend from 12-4 pm



easter workshop
Heerup museum
16 april 2019 from 11-2 pm


Invitation til fernisering 3. april kl. 17-19

Musikalsk indslag ved Bjørn Eriksen, som spiller numre fra sine 2 nye album.

Årets inspirerende kunstklip til Heerup Museum er skabt af billedkunstner Jonna Pedersen. Ligesom Heerup interesserer Jonna Pedersen sig for at udtrykke det nære i sin kunst. I udstillingen [ Fone ] viser hun værker, der omhandler den kulturelle forandring, der er sket i vores måde at kommunikere med hinanden på, nemlig at tekst fremfor tale har overtaget, for det er hurtigere, mere kontrollerbart og diskret. I værkerne fortolker hun en tidsånd, hvor vores telefon kultur var en hel del anderledes. Måske var der plads til lidt mere nærvær?

Specifikt til udstillingen har Jonna Pedersen skabt maleriet "Drik Irma Kaf. Hommage til Henry Heerup", som en parafrase over Henry Heerups plakat "Drik Irma Kaffe fra 1976.



Artikel i søndagsavisen


article in kunstavisen january 2019
about the series [ fone ]

Winter exhibition 2019
Bredgade Kunsthandel

Artists: Awang Behartawan, Bill Bach, Neel Jans, Annelise Kalbak, Bente Olesen Nyström, Jonna Pedersen, Sarah Rathje, Hussein Tai, Eva Toft and Annette Wier.

Jonna Pedersen exhibits new paintings from the series [ Fone ].

Opening: 12 January from 12 - 4 pm

Exhibition period: 12 January - 9 February 2019

Bredgade 69 / DK-1260 Copenhagen K

Open: Tuesday to Friday 1-6 pm / Saturday 1-3 pm


Galleri Kunstmix
24 JANUARY - 22 February 2019

Opening: 24 January from 5-8 pm

Finissage: 22 February from 5-8 pm

Odensegade 26B / 2100 Copenhagen Ø

Open: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3-8 pm


Kunsthal Vejle

Kunsthal Vejle

From left Britta Egebjerg, Jonna Pedersen and Lene Juhler

From left Britta Egebjerg, Jonna Pedersen and Lene Juhler


Olesya Dzhurayeva, Ukraine
Bolatta Silis-Høegh, Greenland
Garry Noland, USA
Martin Conrad, Germany
Ola Mirecka, Poland
Haruna Shimonishi, Japan
Jan Hakon Erichsen, Norway
Terje Roalkvam, Norway
Sergio Lucene, Brazil
Finn Have, Danmark
Steen Rasmussen, Danmark
Jonna Pedersen, Danmark
Claus Ejner, Danmark
Lars Bang, Danmark
Jacob Juhl, Danmark
Anders Reventlov, Danmark
Iben Munnecke, Danmark
Indigo Richards, Danmark
Lene Juhler, Danmark
Britta Egebjerg, Danmark

Opening: 1 September 2018 at 11 am

KUNSTHAL VEJLE is an artist operated exhibition space for Danish and international contemporary art.

This unique exhibition space has historic and cultural significance. It is a vending machine from the 1950’s, where one formerly could buy sweet breads, magazines and open faced sandwiches. The exhibition space presents minimalistic and conceptual art.

The Kunsthal is run by the art duo Egebjerg & Juhler, who are the curators of the exhibition program. Egebjerg & Juhler have existed since 2015 and have cooperated, exhibited and created events, on the basis of the ”give and take” co-creative principle.

Kunsthal Vejle opens September 1st 2018, starting with the first of two international exhibitions. 38 artists from 15 countries will participate in the two exhibitions. None of the exhibiting artists receive fees, but they receive an artwork created by one of the other exhibiting artists. In this way artistic connections around the world will be created.

Jonna Pedersen contributes with the work EXTRA KING SIZE

The work is a painting on wood of an unused condom, in Extra King Size.

Condoms have previously been able to buy in vending machines. Considering that the work is exhibited in a vending machine where you have been able to buy a daily commodity, Jonna Pedersen wanted to create a work of a daily commodity of over size, which theoretically can also be bought in this vending machine.


Fresh Paint Contemporary Art Fair 2018
26-30 April 2018

Pedersen is showing new works from the series [ Fone ] at Fresh Paint Contemporary Art Fair 2018, the largest art fair in Israel. She is represented by MIKA Contemporary Art Gallery.

Bjørn Eriksen, Jonna Pedersen and Jenna from TV Bella

Bjørn Eriksen, Jonna Pedersen and Jenna from TV Bella

30 minutes TV broadcast
TV Bella Copenhagen 2018

TV Bella Copenhagen has made 30 minutes show about Jonna Pedersen and Bjørn Eriksen.

Join us for a visit to Bredgade Kunsthandel, where Jonna Pedersen talks about her contribution to the exhibition "Table for Two - Art Meal - Estonia 100" and recites the poem "A heavenly mouthful".

In the second part of the broadcast, TV Bella visits the playHOUSE in Rødovre, where the artist couple Jonna Pedersen and Bjørn Eriksen work side by side.